original piano pieces



Written for the atrium at Bristol's Southmead Hospital. An airy piano piece that sounds great in a large space.

Crushed Candy

Zero calories, but with all the goodness of a delicious, deep fried Mars bar.


If you're in a hurry - hear a whirlwind 2.5 minute tour of a few different pieces.


Trickle Down

A classical or ambient piece that descends gradually down the piano keyboard.


Enjoy a unique piano sound for celebrations, venues, or  fund-raising events in the Bristol area - accessible contemporary piano compositions and covers, played by solo piano, or piano with bass accompianist.  


Book the original piano or piano duo music you need. Email me at [email protected] (And you can preview some piano solo music below.)

Beat Ballad

Making the most of the 'beats' created when piano notes sustain and interact.

Whine & Dine

The perfect backdrop to dinner party 'conversations' about religion or politics.

Chopin Unhinged

A new, contemporary take on an old Chopin favourite.

Rising Fives

A lively original jazz piano piece that uses successive fifth intervals.

Bach Messy

A re-imagining of Bach's Prelude Number 1 - heavily altered 'Ave Maria' at speed and in a minor key.